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Coral Shipping is Authorized Custom House Agent, our CHA Department provides faster & personalized service to clients. Integrated communication network help us in smooth operations for export and import consignments by Sea.

We offer clearance of export and import consignments arriving by sea. We take charge of specialized custom clearance work which makes our clients stress free. We have skilled personnel who have thorough knowledge of Custom Law & also updated to our personnel with custom amendments and rules updates about duties, exemption schemes, filling procedures, license verification etc. We handle both import and export customs clearance.

The skill workforce that is experienced in cargo handling and terminal operations manage the cargo that is going into the storage facility or loading directly for shipment.

Our experienced team in customs clearance and forwarding unit, having a rich experience of more than 5+ years in this field, ensures that our customers are relaxed and assured about the safe clearance of their products on committed time.

We assure you hassle free documentation and custom clearance that will be delivered to you on time required from arrival of goods and ensure you safe and timely delivery of your goods to reach their destination with escorting at every step of the way.


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